Cinque Terre Trail in Liguria Italy

Monterosso Italy Tourist Information and Vacation Guide

The Cinque Terre Trail (Sentiero Azzurro) is a gorgeous 12 km trail that runs along the Italian Riviera.

The picturesque tail connects the town of Monterosso al Mare at the north to the town of Riomaggiore at the south.  The Cinque Terre trail passes through three other towns: Vernazza, Corniglia and Manarola.

Although 12 kilometers might be too long of a journey to hike for very young or elderly hikers, visitors have the option of hiking short segments of the trail.  Some portions of the trail take less than one hour to complete.

Cinque Terre Seaside Trail
Cinque Terre Trail near Monterosso

This section of our website provides an overview of the trail.  It is intended to help you decide which portions of the trail are best suited by your skills and abilities.

Train service operates between all five towns.

Called Sentiero Azzurro in Italian, this ancient footpath has existed for centuries.

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